Visit Jakarta (2)

13 12 2011

The next destination in Jakarta is Lapangan Merdeka. Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia, attempted to tame Jakarta by giving it a central space, Lapangan Merdeka, and topping it with a gigantic monument, the National Monument (Monas). It’s addmission is Rp 6000 on Monday-Friday (8.30 am-5pm) and to 7 pm on Saturday-Sunday. The towering, 132 m –high column, has been ungraciously dubbed ‘Soekarno last erection’.

Moreover, The National History Museum (8.30am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am-7pm Sat-Sun), in the base, tells the story of Indonesia’s independence struggle. The addmission is included in the Monas entry fee.

How to get there?

If you are coming from Sudirman/ Thamrin, take the Transjakarta bus (known as busway). Take the busway with Blok M-Kota destination and tell the busway crew you will alight at Monas. It cost Rp 3500.

Enjoy Monas

The main thing to do ofcourse is to go up and view Jakarta from the top. The time needed to reach up to 3 hours. Right under the Monas monument, there are some general information of Indonesia’s history.

Monas is a park as well. Most locals visit monas to jog, stroll play kites or simply have a family picnic. There are futsal and basketball courts as well. Some statue of national heroes are also being placed and if you come at night, you can see “fountain show” with all that sounds and lights effects.

My suggestions, do not visit during weekends. It will get so crowded and most of the time events are being held during this period time. The park gets dirty during this period of time. Then, visit Monaswhile you are on transit on your way to other destination by train. Monas is located next to the Gambir station (3 minutes walk). So, while waiting for yur train to any other parts of Java.

Taman impian Jaya Ancol is another nice place to visit. It is a huge waterfront amusement complex with an oceanarium, art market and an Indonesian style Disneyland. To get there, take a kopaja number 64 or 65 (Rp2000) from Kota station.




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13 12 2011

sonya is like an advertisement. If you write it in ‘feature’ form, it will be enjoy to read..I’m waiting for other writing, but it’s not in advertisement form unnie..

14 12 2011

hehhehe… thanks for the sugestion… i just afraid to loose my writting ability in English.. but i think i have to have more expectation to it

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